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postheadericon Carciofi – Italian Stuffed Artichoke

– Vegan Friendly Breadcrumbs – I toast vegan bread and then blend in food processer – season with salt, pepper, garlic, oregano & basil to taste

– Fresh Artichokes, cleaned and trimmed – cut off all the pointy tips and trim stem

            Starting from the outside leaves, fill with breadcrumbs until you reach the center.  Put in large pot with a small amount of water on the bottom (about an inch deep), drizzle stuffed artichokes with olive oil, cover pot and cook on low – steaming artichokes.  Cook until leaves are tender (about 45 mins)


postheadericon STUFFED ZUCCHINI


4 slices of vegan-friendly bread, toasted

½ red pepper, diced

2 Large Zucchini (4 small), cut in half length-wise and scoop out center (set aside)

Olive oil


Salt & pepper to taste


–       Sautee pepper and zucchini center in olive oil, salt & pepper

–       Blend toast  in food processer to make bread crumbs

–        Mix bread crumbs with sauteed zucchini mix

–       Fill scooped out zucchini shells with bread mix

–       Bake at 450 for aprox. 30 mins